Aims and Purposes


The organization was formed to serve the Muslim community in the following:

  1. To provide a place of worship for compulsory five times congregational prayers and Friday Jummah and Eid congregational prayers.
  2. To teach and propagate the religion of Islam according to Al-Quran and Sunnah to all those who seek guidance.
  3. To establish and manage a masjid(s) to pray to Almighty Allah in compliance with Islamic Shariah. 
  4. To establish and manage centers to provide Islamic religious education to children and adults. Whilst being a part of a North American Society.
  5. To provide facilities for marriages in accordance with Islamic traditions and as per the laws of Ontario.

Qur'an Verse of the Day

On that day those who reject Faith and disobey the messenger will wish that the earth were made one with them: But never will they hide a single fact from Allah. 4:42

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