Committee Responsibilities

The functions listed below are subject to change without notice as per the situation and circumstance - please visit this page or contact any member of the respective committees for up to date responsibilities and functions

 Administration Committee Functions:

  • Handling and maintenance of accounts
  • Monthly committee meetings
  • All Administrative tasks
  • Masjid building fund management
  • External communications (broadcasting of messages & information via telephone, email & official website)
  • All legal activities
  • Cordination with all the other sub-committees
  • Control of all notice boards
  • Controlling of flyers and any other material distribution in the Masjid and on it's property
  • Guest speakers


 Masjid & Religious Affairs Committee Functions:

  • Matters of the Imam, 5 times daily prayers, conducting of all Islamic classes
  • Friday congregational (Jummah) prayer and related matters
  • Decision making and coordination of janaza affairs in the community
  • Organizing Eid & other special Prayers/programs including Parking arrangements and policing


Maintenance Committee Functions:

  • Building maintenance including plumbing & ventilation systems
  • Cleaning and Maintaining the wash rooms
  • Building signage
  • Controlling and maintenance of the building PA system
  • Regular maintenance of the Masjid & SLIFO property
  • Special arrangements and adjustments according to the seasonal changes and climate requirements.



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