Salathul Jumu’ah – Friday Congregation Prayer suspended for this week and the following week will be re-assessed and updated.
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Masjid Al Jannah - SLIFO - Sri Lanka Islamic Foundation of Ontario

About Us

Masjid Al Jannah is a Centre for Islamic Education
  • With the ever increasing Muslim population in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the need for Masjids in the GTA is imperative. Today Masajids in Toronto area are overcrowded with worshipers and the need for additional Masajids are clearly evident. In the same context we, SLIFO a Non Profit Muslim organization established a place of worship for the Muslim community as a whole. The Muslim community living in this part of Toronto requires a place to perform daily salah, quran recitation classes & Islamic education and to meet and greet as a unified Muslim community. The extended activities from this centre would enhance and uplift the Islamic quality of life for the Muslims of the area; enable the community to promote Islam through the work of dawa in the city which is well known for its multiculturalism and diversity in North America.


Be a part of the next great opportunity in expanding the services of Masjid Al Jannah - EXPANSION PROJECT - PHASE 1 with an estimated cost of $500K which will bring full Janaza facilities among other services to Masjid Al Jannah. ALL DONATIONS WILL RECIEVE A TAX RECEIPT - See below for details or DONATE NOW!

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