EXPANSION PROJECT - PHASE 1****Be a part of the next great opportunity in expanding the services of Masjid Al Jannah - EXPANSION PROJECT - PHASE 1 which will bring full Janaza facilities among other services to Masjid Al Jannah. ALL DONATIONS WILL RECEIVE A TAX RECEIPT - See flyer for details and to DONATE****
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Aims and Purposes

The organization was formed to serve the Muslim community in the following:

  • To provide a place of worship for compulsory five times congregational prayers and Friday Jummah and Eid congregational prayers.
  • To teach and propagate the religion of Islam according to Al-Quran and Sunnah to all those who seek guidance.
  • To establish and manage a masjid(s) to pray to Almighty Allah in compliance with Islamic Shariah.
  • To establish and manage centers to provide Islamic religious education to children and adults. Whilst being a part of a North American Society.
  • To provide facilities for marriages in accordance with Islamic traditions and as per the laws of Ontario.