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Masjid Programs

At the time of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) Masjid is the central and the focal point of the society. Along with the five time prayers, the Masjid was used for educational & religious activities such as Nikkah ceremonies, learning and teaching of the Holy Quran. SLIFO revolves around the same context and Masjid Al Janna is the central and focal point of SLIFO.

Activities currently available at the Masjid are daily five time prayers, Jumma prayers, Quran classes & Sunday school by qualified teachers, Hadith  Lessons, Tajweed Classes, Tafsir Ul Quran, Salawath program & Weekend Arabic Intensive Program. 

Hadith Lessons  - Every Monday After Magrib Salah Conducted by Imam Hamza Wardak 

Tajweed Classes - Every Tuesday Afetr Magrib Salah Conducted by Imam Sheriff Niyaz 

Tafsir Ul Quran -  Every Wednesday After Magrib Salah conducted by Imam Hamza Wardak 

Salawath Program - Every Thursday After Magrib Salah conducted by Imam Sheriff Niyaz 

Weekend Arabic Intensive classes-  2 years Quranic/Classical Arabic Program. For more Information please contact imam Hamza via e mail imam@slifo.ca


Location: 2201 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario   |   At the intersection of Markham Road and Ellesmere Road (South east Corner)

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